Henry Childers

Executive Director for University Analytics and Institutional Research (UAIR)

Hank Childers is the Executive Director for University Analytics & Institutional Research (UAIR).  This unit was formed in 2014 as a combination of the Business Intelligence function, which was previously known as Enterprise Information & Analytics (EIA), and the Institutional Research function which was previously known as the Office of Institutional Research & Planning Support (OIRPS).

UAIR provides institutional research and analytics support for the University in strategic planning, management decision-making, and policy analysis.  This support includes close collaboration with other campus offices including the academic colleges and departments as well as vice presidential units.  Its mission is to leverage and strengthen our ability to analyze data about the UA and generally transform data into actionable information.  The unit also provides the necessary operational reporting to the broad campus and institutional reporting to external constituencies.

Previous to this role, Hank was the Project Director for the Mosaic project, a successful 5-year effort to replace all of the University's key administrative systems.

For more information about UAIR, see http;//uair.arizona.edu/


Phone: 520.626.6779
Email: hankc@email.arizona.edu

Assistant: Laura Bracamonte
UAIR Coordinator
Phone: 520.621-3030
Email: bracamol@email.arizona.edu