Lynn Nadel

Regents' Professor & Chair of the Faculty

Lynn Nadel is currently Regents' Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science.  His research, published in over 175 journal articles, chapters and books, has been supported by grants from NIMH, NSF, NICHD, NINDS and several private foundations. His work has focused on the functions of the hippocampus in memory and spatial cognition, leading to significant contributions in the study of stress and memory, sleep and memory, memory reconsolidation, and the mental retardation observed in Down syndrome.  He has promulgated, with collaborators, two highly influential theories in cognitive neuroscience: the cognitive map theory of hippocampal function, and the multiple trace theory of memory.  He was the co-recipient in 2005 of the Grawemeyer Prize in Psychology (for the “cognitive map” theory) and received the National Down Syndrome Society’s Award for Research (2006), and the Sisley-Lejeune International Prize for Research on Intellectual Disability (2013).  He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Society of Experimental Psychologists.  At the University of Arizona he has served as Head of the Psychology Department (1989 – 2002), as Interim Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences in the early 1990s, and several times as Chair of Strategic Planning and Budget Advisory Committee (SPBAC).

Phone: 520.621.7449