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The Transformation Plan is working to consolidate and realign colleges and departments to build on the University's strengths in strategic areas while also advancing our broader teaching, research, and service mission. The creative collaborations that have shaped this process have generated innovative proposals for how to improve the efficiency of our operations and raise our standing in areas for which The University of Arizona has established national preeminence. More on the Transformation Plan

Outcomes Phase

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Implementation Phase

Academic Strategic Plan 2009-2010
Program and Unit Changes Approved by the Arizona Board of Regents
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Full Proposals

Full Proposals are detailed requests for unit reorganization that follow from the submitted white papers that have been recommended for next steps by the President and Provost.

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Transformation Process

After the President and Provost have reviewed SPBACs' recommendations, they will communicate the specific steps that will be taken with the various proposals.  Those steps will be guided by the Transformation Plan, the recommendations of SPBAC, and the procedures set out by the Faculty Senate.

As laid out in the Transformation Plan, the White Papers Proposals that have been recommended for further development will be discussed with students, staff, appointed personnel, faculty, and various other constituencies before being revised for final submission on December 15, 2008 for review by the Provost, President, and the Faculty Senate.  Some proposals may be implemented in spring 2010, while others may take longer to implement.

White Paper Proposals

Over 75 white papers were submitted on October 13, 2008 by students, faculty, staff, and appointed personnel from colleges and departments from across campus. To provide opportunities for input on the White Papers, they were posted on line for responses.

Transformation Timeline for White Papers
Information on schedule and deadlines for white paper submission.

White Paper Proposals and Individual Responses from President, Provost and Community

SPBAC Feedback (PDF)

Administrative White Papers

SPBAC Feedback - Administrative White Papers (PDF)